Joint Academy


Joint Academy is a healthcare company with a digital treatment for chronic joint and back pain. They help patients treat their pain, wherever, whenever by connecting them with a personal physical therapist through an app. The treatment contains of daily exercises, lessons and regular contact with a physical therapist.

I worked for Joint Academy as an UX/UI designer for 3 years where I contributed with:

  • UX/UI design to launch a new patient app in Sweden and US.
  • Building a new design system (fonts, colors, components, illustrations, rules and flows).
  • User tests with prototypes.
  • Exploration and design of how to adapt the product to new market needs and regulations.
  • UX and service design for a doctor platform.
  • Planning and conducting feedback sessions, workshops and presentations with different parties to participate.
  • UX/UI design for new initiatives to improve users experience, adapt to regulations or growth.
  • UX design for a new back office tool using co-creative methods.
  • Support developers with testing and quality assurance.
  • Producing content material for new treatments (illustrations and video editing).
  • UX/UI design to redesign Physical Therapists web platform to a mobile app.
Want to know more?

I’ve put together a presentation with 3 different projects from my time at Joint Academy. In this presentation I go in depth about the process, outcomes and learnings. Feel free to contact me and I can tell you more!