Sixt Flex

Project info

A design project for Sixt. They wanted a website (Sixt Flex) that offers 6 month car leasing for companies. They wished for a simple and “straight forward” website and wanted access to browsing through leasing options on the first page (and a lot of orange!).

I created different rapid prototypes in this project. Mainly to try out how to send a request in the best way. Since the goal is for the user to only send a request (not sign a contract), the best way seemed to be a “one step” process. Which means the request form is available on the same page after the user has klicked/chosen a car. Take a look at the video to see the final prototype!



...Rapid prototype

A challenge in the project: As you can see in the video, there is icons explaining the benefits (USPs) of Sixt Flex on the first page. There is also a box with text below them so you can read all USPs if you like. One of the challenges in this project was that the client wanted to show all USPs with icons, which would be “information overload” for the user. To solve this problem I showed the client three different options – one with all USPs (as they wanted) and two other options that in my experience would be better for the user. We decided to pick out 8 USPs that they thought was the most important to highlight.